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Tapa Contratapa
Above all else, travel is a transforming experience. With every kilometer journeyed further into Patagonia a new concept of place begins to reveal itself to the protagonists of this story and the World�s End ceases to be a paradise of unspoiled nature, but converts itself into a region which hides stories, secrets and disputes behind its apparent calm.

Two journalists: one young and the other twice his age set out on a mission to make a film about the conflicts over land in Argentine Patagonia. They have to travel to the foot of the mountains to become involved in the daily lives of Mapuche communities, but also to interview and reconstruct the story of the magnates like Benetton, Lewis and Tompkins, who have bought up millions of hectares of the region in recent years. In this way they discover the unequal struggles which exist between the original inhabitants and their new powerful neighbours, who threaten to expel them from their ancestral territory. S�nchez and his companion, the indefatigable Maldavsky, strengthen their professional and human bond and learn about life, as the landscape exerts all its magic, revealing to them at every step that what lies behind the conflicts is the struggle for the control of natural resources in which the world�s powers are mobilised.

Lost Patagonia

Autor: S�nchez, Gonzalo

ISBN: 978-987-3723-02-5
Género literario: Crónica periodística
Edición: 1ra / 2014
Páginas: 200
Formato: 23 x 15 cm
Peso: 0.450 kg
Encuadernación: R�stica con solapas
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